Aerodyne Measure pushes for clean energy adoption in Mexico through Ecopulse partnership

Aerodyne Measure pushes for clean energy adoption in Mexico through Ecopulse partnership

Aerodyne Measure and Ecopulse have announced a joint venture to support the adoption of renewable energy in Mexico through AI-driven drone and data technology

Aerodyne Measure, a US-based DT3 (Drone Tech, Data Tech, and Digital Transformation) company, has entered into a joint venture agreement with Mexico’s leading renewable energy provider, Ecopulse. According to the agreement, Aerodyne Measure and Ecopulse will work together to offer end-to-end AI-driven drone surveying and inspection solutions for the management of clean energy assets in Mexico.

Founded in 2012, Ecopulse specializes in providing, managing, and supporting renewable energy solutions, including photovoltaic solar energy, thermal solar energy, hydraulic energy, wind power, geothermal energy, biomass energy, and sea energy. To date, the company has installed more than 150,000 solar panels throughout Mexico. More than 90 percent of the company’s clients count on Ecopulse to receive the most advanced and robust inspection and monitoring services for their equipment. To that end, Ecopulse created a new division called Airsync in 2015, focusing on the acquisition and processing of inspection data through the use of UAV technology to provide better service to its customers.

Aerodyne Measure’s cloud-based asset management solution, vertikaliti, combines smart drone technology and powerful data analytics to provide businesses with a comprehensive solution for aerial monitoring and management of their complex energy assets.

Aerodyne Measure’s experience and expertise will empower Ecopulse to offer its customers in Mexico the efficiency, quality, and support that can only be delivered through premium, turnkey drone-based inspection and data analysis.

Gerardo Ferraez, CEO, Ecopulse, says, “This alliance with Aerodyne Measure is a perfect fit for us since we are committed to delivering the best energy solutions to our clients. Our warranty covers everything from technical assistance and maintenance reminders to timely inspections and systematic monitoring of asset health. Aerodyne Measure’s AI platform vertikaliti checks all the boxes and will allow us to offer significant performance improvement and cost-savings to our clients.”

Harjeet Johal, CEO, Aerodyne Measure, says, “Our partnership with Ecopulse comes at a time when the entire world has woken up to the realities of climate change. Widescale adoption of renewable energy is the only way forward. We are proud to support Ecopulse in its mission to foster the adoption of reliable clean energy solutions through leading-edge drone and data technology.”

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