Vertical Aerospace VA-1X

VA-1X has been designed to be a high performing aircraft, able to connect entire regions as well as carrying out shorter missions across single cities.  

Capable of carrying up to five people, a pilot and four passengers, VA-1X is set to be the world’s first certified winged all-electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft, and is on course to start commercial flights in 2024. Build will begin shortly, with manufacturing taking place in the UK.


Safety is at the heart Vertical Aerospace and comes before anything else. VA-1X will be flown by experienced pilots and certified through EASA, at exactly the same safety levels that we have all come to rightly expect from commercial airlines.  VA-1X will have exceptional safety levels, inherent redundancy and be a really safe, great way to travel. 


The interior of VA-1X was designed to create an unparalleled passenger experience. Offset side doors allow you to enter and exit the aircraft with ease. There is plenty of room for luggage in both a separate compartment and by your seat. 

Once seated you can enjoy the space which the campfire style seating provides, with an enhanced airy experience provided by the above skylight. Sizeable windows further provide extraordinary views as you see your city through a new perspective. Charging points allow you to work whilst travelling and information screens will keep you up to date on your journey’s progress. 


Sustainability is at the forefront of everything Vertical Aerospace works on. Not only does VA-1X achieve emission-free flight, with no fumes or contaminants from combustion products, it will also be powered by renewable energy where possible. 

Vertical Aerospace strives to set the highest ethical and environmental standards. We work with our suppliers to ensure that VA-1X has a truly sustainable supply chain. 


VA-1X has been designed with noise reduction in mind. Using distributed propulsion and large open rotors, that have significantly lower tip speeds than on a helicopter, VA-1X can achieve noise levels 30 times quieter than an equivalent helicopter, allowing it to blend into inner-city life. 


Inherently, VA-1X will be exceptionally aerodynamically efficient, able to fly with far less energy and power than a helicopter would need. With cruise speeds of 150 mph and a range of up to 100 miles, you could travel from London to Brighton in approximately half an hour, compared to two hours driving, or an hour by train. With the launch of the VA-1X, we’re proud to be taking eVTOL one step closer to mass-market adoption, and supporting the next era of aviation.

Michael Cervenka, CEO – Vertical Aerospace