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Skypersonic and Maverick Team Up

New Distribution Agreement for America’s Leading Indoor Inspection Drones

Troy, MI: , Inc., America’s leading manufacturer of miniaturized caged drones for industrial inspections and environmental monitoring, today announced a new partnership with Maverick Drone Systems of Savage, Minnesota. As a certified distributor for Skypersonic, Maverick will now be able to offer the Skycopter, Skyloc (a RTLS and telemetry gateway for GPS-denied environments), and all related accessories to its clients.

“We are delighted to have Maverick as a distributor for our products and services,” says Giuseppe Santangelo, CEO at Skypersonic.

“Maverick and their team of engineers, pilots and salespeople bring a deep knowledge of all things UAV to this fast-growing space. We look forward to serving more clients in more industries through our partnership with Maverick Drone Systems.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Skypersonic to provide enterprise professionals with one of the best drones for indoor inspection,” says Adam Shaw, CEO & President at Maverick Drone Systems.

“The ability for our customers to utilize Skypersonic’s global remote piloting system will change how inspections are performed in each and every industry.”

About Skypersonic:

Skypersonic is America’s leading manufacturer of miniaturized caged drones for confined space industrial inspections. Our solution is called Skycopter, which along with Skyloc, our proprietary telemetry gateway with environmental monitoring and precise location tracking in GPS-denied environments, offers dramatic improvements in safety, cost and time wherever dangerous inspections are necessary.

About Maverick Drone Systems:

Maverick Drone Systems is a leading distributor of innovative drone systems in the United States. We provide better ways to navigate the sky, survey land areas and analyze critical data. Our team is here to help customers at any stage of their operation, no matter the level of expertise. We are also excited to announce that we will be moving to a new, larger retail location where we will be able to stock and sell even more drone technology.

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