Riga, August 27, 2020 – Octopus ISR Systems announced today the release of a new and unique optional software upgrade for all Epsilon ISR payloads to support advanced image-aiding features: an Artillery Fire Adjustment plugin.

The newly released feature enables coordination of artillery battery fire by providing gun target corrections. The operator marks the impact point with a simple click of a button or joystick, and the software automatically calculates deviations in reference to the gun target line. The feature supports several artillery batteries, as well as mean point of impact (MPI) calculations if necessary. The operator points the crosshairs on the impact point and marks a shot which is added to the defined target. The software calculates the deviation between the target location and shot position (or MPI).

The artillery, target and shot positions can be entered in decimal degrees or in MGRS, and the operator reports GT line (gun target line) corrections in meters.

All Epsilon high-performance gimbals houses a dedicated onboard video processor which provides additional image processing functions and software features. These advanced capabilities significantly improve usability and performance for end users.

“As one of the world’s leaders specializing in the design and manufacture of cutting-edge non-ITAR surveillance solutions, we are proud to innovate not only in new product hardware design but also in software development, “ said Konstantins Krivovs, Business Development Manager of Octopus ISR Systems. “Octopus ISR Systems’ intelligent sensing solutions now provide an even wider selection of capabilities which will help our customers to achieve successful mission outcomes.”

To learn more, please visit www.octopus-isr.com.

About Octopus ISR Systems

Octopus ISR Systems is a trustworthy, well-known brand from UAV Factory, specializing in the design and manufacture of cutting-edge non-ITAR surveillance solutions for both the manned and unmanned industries. Octopus ISR Systems offers airborne surveillance systems of the highest quality for a variety of platforms, providing an efficient solution for situational awareness applications including border and maritime patrol, search and rescue, security, and others.

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