Aerial surveillance and monitoring are vital, especially when it comes to ensuring the security and safety of your facilities, assets and most importantly – people. Keep reading to find out why the ALTI UAS fleet of long endurance aircraft will give you the strategic security advantage you need.  

Optimal security requires constant surveillance.

With ALTI’s security drones, you will be able to fly five times longer than with any other drone on the market.

Staying airborne for longer will allow you to cover more ground in a single flight which will in turn – allow you to respond faster and more effectively.

ALTI drones will mobilize your security to effectively manage your assets by seeing the action as it happens, from wherever you are in three easy steps:


Increase your range at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional security methods.


Remotely monitor live video over distances up to 150 km.


Rapidly respond to critical situations with accurate intelligence.

How ALTI UAS Security Drones Help You to Fly Further for Longer While Saving Time and Money

There are a few key benefits of choosing ALTI UAS as your security and surveillance drone.

Here are the top six benefits:

1. Easy to Operate

ALTI aircraft feature smart autonomous flight missions, giving you an uncomplicated flight experience from take-off to landing.

With autonomous flight capabilities, you save time and reduce risk factors significantly. The ALTI fleet offers:

  • smart autonomous flight missions from take-off to landing
  • payload control
  • automatic return to launch
  • way-point planning and more

These autonomous flight mission features offer you great peace of mind and safe flight control for all drone surveillance and security operations.

2. Take-Off and Land Anywhere

With vertical take-off and landing capabilities and runway independence, ALTI aircraft can take to the sky anywhere – allowing you to respond to critical and emergency situations faster and more effectively.

3. Operate Day and Night

In addition to taking-off and landing anywhere, the time of day is also not an issue for ALTI aircraft. These aircraft are equipped with a dual-sensor camera for effective day and night operation

4. Low Running Cost

With operating costs as little as $3 per hour, ALTI aircraft offers massive cost savings when compared to other security drones on the market and traditional surveillance methods.

ALTI aircraft will help you save valuable resources.

5. Cover More Ground

ALTI aircraft offers unmatched endurance with the world’s longest endurance VTOL technology. This allows you to fly further for longer as ALTI aircraft are designed for all-day operations and everyday use in a wide variety of environments.

6. Minimize Risk

The first five key benefits of ALTI aircraft all tie together in the sixth benefit – minimizing the risk of security operations.

Risk is significantly reduced with fewer take-offs and landings and up to twelve hours of unmanned surveillance.

Find Your Perfect Security Drone: The World’s Best Endurance VTOL Fleet

ALTI UAS offers you a complete fleet of the best endurance VTOL unmanned aircraft in the world – making it the best choice when it comes to security and surveillance drones.

The ALTI fleet offers a choice between three aircraft – the Ascend, the Transition, and the Reach – to meet your specific drone security mission requirements.

The ALTI Ascend

Alti ascend security drone

The ALTI Ascend is an ultra-compact endurance VTOL that is ideal for everyday use.

  • 2-meter wingspan
  • 500g payload
  • 6-hour endurance
  • Speeds of up to 75 km/h
  • 450 km coverage
  • Hourly cost of $3.00

ALTI Ascend – S: Security and Surveillance System

Alti ascend security and surveillance system

The Ascend – S Security and Surveillance system is an advanced long-range unmanned aircraft solution.

The ALTI Ascend – S will enhance your security operations as it integrates the Next Vision NightHawk 2 EO/IR dual sensor gimbal system. This system is perfectly suited for security and surveillance applications for optimal day and night operations.

This system features:

  • smart object tracking,
  • thermal imaging,
  • video recording and more.

All the ALTI Ascend packages are complete and ready to fly. Our Ascend packages include:

  • Cor CLITE Command and Control system
  • integration
  • transport case
  • payload
  • batteries and charger
  • spare parts
  • and software

For more info on the Ascend click here.

To download the Ascend Technical Datasheet, click here:


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