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DropIn Introduces D{ai}mentions AI-Based Metrics

DropIn has introduced D{ai}mentions—a series of new AI tools designed to enhance the capability and utility of its live-streaming platform.

D{ai}mentions are a collection of patent-pending artificial intelligence measurement tools. They allow insurance adjusters and site surveyors to profile specific areas—such as a wall, floor, ceiling or even a vehicle—to get an accurate capture and tabulation of the designated area. D{ai}mentions then allows adjusters to measure objects, calculate repair values and document notes—all streamed to the cloud for archival purposes.

“I expect a broad range of companies across diverse fields will come to rely on D{ai}mentions to avoid unnecessary travel when it comes to site surveying and documentation,” said Joseph Shemesh, CEO of DropIn. “These tools allow adjusters to be more thorough, accurate and intuitive with their documenting, and they’re completely digital, which means instant insights and backup. It’s easy to capture and document without ever leaving the office.”

DropIn offers a wide breadth of examples for application of its D{ai}mentions, including for insurance adjusters and building contractors. In the event of an auto accident, D{ai}mentions can quickly capture vehicle damage via live video, determine make and model information, and provide instant cost lookups for the type of damage documented. For something like home renovations, D{ai}mentions can capture room dimensions and identifying features, relaying this information to contractors viewing the stream in real-time figures.

“As a market leader, we’re committed to introducing new technologies to better serve our customers,” said Shemesh. “D{ai}mentions are a premier example of market-leading innovation and something we’re extremely excited to offer DropIn users.”

The real-time, AI-backed nature of D{ai}mentions makes them a powerful suite of tools for collecting and documenting information via life stream video surveys. Instead of turning their attention away from the stream to document, D{ai}mentions provide robust insights in real-time. It’s all reported alongside the recorded live stream, for comprehensive archival of important insights.

For more information about DropIn’s technologies or to learn more about D{ai}mentions, please visit the company’s website at

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