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Dronestream & Ohio Drone Partnership For US Business Operations

Cincinnati based start-up will sell, service, support and integrate drone streaming technology for US customers of Sony Backed UK company Dronesteam.

CINCINNATI, OH – Ohio Drone, LLC (OHD), a start-up drone technology company established in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2017 under the Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI) recently signed a partnership agreement with Dronestream a Sony backed SaaS drone technology company from the United Kingdom and Rawhide Intel Services a KG backed Asset Management and SaaS company based in Toledo, Ohio (who has a new Asset Management platform launching in November) – and will be servicing US based Dronestream customers as ‘DronestreamUS’.

Dronestream is a secure, collaborative live-streaming portal for commercial drone operations that recently went live on the Apple app store and Google Play store on [03/AUG/2020].

Designed from the ground up for any organization’s drone program Dronestream’s goal is to be drone agnostic capable. Meaning that though it currently works on DJI equipment, it will be capable of working on any drone from any manufacturer; allowing operators to effortlessly broadcast their video, map positioning, communication, and more in real-time across their full fleet. Dronestream empowers organizations to collaborate with their drone crews anywhere in the world, without delay via the connected cloud over WiFi/3G/4G/LTE/5G on their easy to use app, or web portal. With Dronestream, overseeing drone operations has never been easier.

Ohio Drone, who specializes in UAS integrations for commercial applications entered into a strategic partnership with the UK company back in April 2020 with Rawhide to provide joint services to infrastructure management entities, state/city governments, and federal agencies for inspections, surveillance, and pandemic response.

This new partnership will expand that relationship into full support for state-side Dronestream operations and sales.

Ohio Drone’s CEO Rob Charvat says:

“As operators ourselves we recognized years ago that as the industry grows and evolves innovative technologies (like Dronestream) will be required to achieve economies of scale supporting the wide-spread adoption of UAVs. So we are incredibly excited and proud to be partnered with Dronestream and Rawhide on this technology.”

Together the companies will seek to incorporate the technology into a wider network as the beginning of a nationwide drone agnostic infrastructure system supporting both hobbyist and commercial UAV applications in anticipation of the upcoming FAA 2023 regulations. Dronestream’s CEO Harry Howe says:

“Ohio being the birthplace of aviation makes it even more appropriate for drones to expand their use cases out of this region. This partnership will unlock even more capabilities for organizations to benefit from drone technologies, and continue the U.S dominance in UAS business integrations. ”

The Ohio Drone team says this partnership is the first step in a multi-year multi-phase plan to establish solid UAV infrastructure for the state of Ohio and across the country.

To learn more about the FAA proposed regulation changes visit

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