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Blue Bear – SatCom capability added to swarming command and control system

Blue Bear is pleased to announce the addition of a new Satellite Communications (SatCom) capability to its Centurion Multi-Domain Fractionated Swarming Command and Control, (C2) System.

Centurion  allows users to control single, multiple or swarms of drones, from anywhere in the world, using a single command centre, or via multiple, localised, field deployed locations.

Centurion can be installed on fully mobile field deployable vehicles, such as Blue Bear’s MMCS, which has recently been upgraded with the Satcom capability. Therefore, Centurion  can now be deployed anywhere in the world to control any UxVs.

Utilising Blue Bear’s SmartConnect TM  technology, any UAV, UGV, USV, UxV or manned asset, including individual soldiers, can be brought on to the Centurion technology, through their individual communication systems, utilising Satcom – as a versatile, globally deployed, capability. 

Ian Williams-Wynn, MD of Blue Bear, said: “Working with Inmarsat and Cobham to integrate their capabilities has been an excellent opportunity to enhance our Satcom systems capability – the support received has been first class. We have been able to integrate this capability rapidly, with excellent results, enhancing Blue Bear’s technology ready for truly global operations.”

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