Featured Multirotor


Airgility is a company dedicated to making a big social impact by creating unparalleled aerial unmanned systems that can fly anywhere, including areas where there is limited or no GPS access and in confined areas. These capabilities allow Airgility to conduct the most important missions which include search & rescue, protecting our borders, delivering medical supplies to remote areas and many more important missions. Our drones utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning so they can perceive their surroundings, which enables them to map areas, track objects and provide analytical feedback in real-time.

Airgility builds AI-powered aerial robots for public safety, security & defense, and the commercial sector capable of both outdoor and indoor autonomous, self-directed flight. Powered by Airgility’s proprietary operating system, aerial robots can operate independently in complex environments, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to determine what they should do, when they should do it, and how they should complete the task. Airgility is creating drone platforms that do not rely on human control or GPS information. Airgility’s unique technology is built upon the fusion of multiple redundant sensors, mapping for obstacle avoidance, and autonomous flight. 

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