Aeroseeder – An AirRails Powered S(p)eed Machine

Aeroseeder – An AirRails Powered S(p)eed Machine

Aeroseeder is one of the early adopters of UAVenture’s AirRails autopilot which enables their drone to fully autonomously distribute environmentally friendly cover crop seeds accurately and efficiently with their unique drone design.

Aeroseeder will soon be making complete ready-to-fly systems, capable of delivering 40 lbs / 18 Kg of seed per flight, available to farmers and service providers in the USA and beyond.

Cover crops are a key soil health practice that reduces water runoff from fields which significantly reduces the risk of polluting waterways. The adoption of cover crops has expanded rapidly to 15.5 million acres in 2018. Since the seeding process usually happens once the main crop has matured, aerial distribution is the most effective method.

Thanks to the highly intuitive flight planning with the AirRails Ground Control Station makes planning flights a trivial task. Seeding operations with the Aeroseeder are as simple as: connecting batteries; filling the hopper with seed; uploading the flight plan, starting the seeding mission and standing back to watch the drone do all the work as the autopilot guides the drone in a predefined pattern over the crop. The AirRails autopilot takes care of regulating the dispersal rate of seed based on speed and location. At the end of the flight, seeding coverage data and flight logs are automatically uploaded to the cloud.

AirRails for Agriculture
Over the last two years UAVenture has been developing its AirRails autopilot system for manufacturers of crop spraying and seeding drones. AirRails provides the manufacturer with a fully autonomous system with all the features required to spray steep tree ridden tea plantations in Sri Lanka to cover crop seeding on large flat farmland in the heartlands of the USA.

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