Aerodyne Measure expands to Canada market through partnership with The Sky Guys

Aerodyne Measure expands to Canada market through partnership with The Sky Guys

The joint venture will see Aerodyne Measure offer its AI-based drone solutions portfolio to potential customers in Canada.

Washington, August 20, 2020 – Aerodyne Measure, a US-based DT3 (Drone Tech, Data Tech, and Digital Transformation) company, has entered into a joint venture agreement with The Sky Guys, Canada’s top drone operator for inspections, surveying, and mapping. With this agreement, Aerodyne Measure will extend its bespoke portfolio of AI-driven enterprise drone solutions to potential customers in Canada.

Specializing in automating complex, recurring operations that are required for compliance and growth, the UAV company employs more than 300 drone pilots in its network across Canada and the United States.

The experience and expertise of The Sky Guys will add tremendous value to Aerodyne Measure as it solidifies its position as the leading provider of premium, turnkey aerial inspection solutions in North America.

Aerodyne Measure combines smart drones and powerful AI data analytics to provide an end-to-end cloud-based asset management solution – vertikaliti – to businesses across industries, including energy, utilities, renewables, oil and gas, solar, and infrastructure.

“We are pleased to welcome The Sky Guys into the Aerodyne Measure family,” says Harjeet Johal, CEO, Aerodyne Measure. “This partnership gives us a strong foothold to accelerate our expansion into the Canadian market and create additional value for forward-looking enterprises. We are excited to provide our clients with a cross-spectrum portfolio that combines the very best of Aerodyne Measure and The Sky Guys.”

Tom Hanson, COO, The Sky Guys, adds, “Since we are constantly looking for innovative solutions for our clients, we are pleased to have formed this strategic alliance with a like-minded US partner, Aerodyne Measure. The solutions Aerodyne offers have been proven to deliver significant performance improvement and cost optimization. By sharing and leveraging our expertise, we can offer turnkey aerial intelligence solutions to even more market verticals.”

About Aerodyne Measure

Aerodyne Measure is a DT 3 (Drone Tech, Data Tech, and Digital Transformation) solutions provider of drone-based enterprise solutions, and a pioneer in the use of artificial intelligence as an enabling technology for large-scale data operations, analytics, and process optimization.

Aerodyne Measure is a part of Aerodyne Group that employs over 400 drone professionals to operate on an unprecedented level in the UAS services sector, having managed more than 300,000 infrastructure assets with 110,000 flight operations and surveyed over 100,000 km of power infrastructure across 25 countries globally.

Providers’; was named Frost & Sullivan’s ‘Asia Pacific UAV Services Company of 2019’; and a recipient of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) Malaysia’s ‘Industry Excellence Gold Award 2019’.

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About The Sky Guys

The Sky Guys are global leaders in drone-enabled solutions and technology, leveraging drones to capture, analyze, and report on data for business insight in big industry. With a heavy emphasis on automating complex, recurring operations that are required for compliance and growth, The Sky Guys offers leading-edge inspection, surveying and progress tracking solutions to clients across a wide range of sectors.

The Sky Guys also develops proprietary drone technology and advanced data analytics for industry and military. Our latest platform, the DX-3, is a fixed-wing UAS capable of flying for over 24 hours and covering an operation range of over 1500kms, carrying multiple payload sensors from high-res cameras, optical zoom camcorders, to IR and LiDAR. This platform was designed to service niche industries such as oil and gas pipeline monitoring, power and utility corridor mapping, mining, defense, security and
emergency response efforts.

Since being founded in March 2015 in Oakville, Canada, The Sky Guys has grown to a client base to over 600 distinct entities across a wide range of sectors. The Sky Guys deploys its services globally through a robust network of pilots and corporate partnership in cloud data management.

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