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AAUS Seeks Greater Industry input for Australian UTM

For those who missed the big announcement last week, Airservices Australia released a Request for Information (RFI) for the development of a Flight Information Management System (FIMS) Prototype  relating to the development and evaluation of a flight information management system for UAS Traffic Management.  

AAUS welcomes steps to advance UTM in Australia, which we consider to be a crucial enabler for large scale integrated operations, particularly for UAS and advanced air mobility (AAM) operating around our cities.  

Echoing earlier messages to the Minister, AAUS believes it is essential that policy and a regulatory framework for UTM be developed before discussion on specific implementations or technical solutions. Work to develop the necessary regulatory framework for UTM should commence as a matter of urgency. Industry stands ready to support CASA in this undertaking. 

AAUS strongly believes that more proactive and transparent stakeholder engagement is essential and that this engagement should be inclusive of all airspace users and not just the #drone / #RPAS sector.  

Industry welcomes the chance to share in and evaluate UTM innovations with Airservices Australia towards informing this much needed discussion on the safe and efficient integration of UAS and AAM into Australian airspace. 

AAUS has established a UTM working group comprising a broad cross section of end users, UTM suppliers, and broader industry stakeholders. The working group welcomes input from AAUS members towards compiling an “all of industry” response to the RFI and informing broader discussions with Government.  Please contact us

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