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UK MoD Acquire latest Nano drone tech

The UK MoD  has taken delivery of the latest market leading technology.  UAVTEK a UK based SME has developed and provided UK forces with the latest world beating technology Nano Drones after winning the UK MoD Nano drone program. 

The UK MoD recently went to tender for a new Nano drone to support UK forces.  UAVTEK submitted a bid and came top overall beating previous market leaders FLIR with the Black Hornet 3. 

The Bug Nano drone provides evidence that a Nano drone can not only stand up to heavy wind, but is also able to compete with its bigger brothers.  This 191g UAV provides the operator with an eye in the sky able to send full-motion 1080p video back from 2km away. 

This combined with the ability to withstand gusts of over 40knts and flight times up to 40 minutes it provides a capability never seen before in this class.  The UAV was designed and built in the UK marking a change in the ability for UK industry to produce world class unmanned systems. 

The core system created for the Bug is the first in a range of airframes providing a full suite of capabilities ranging from; 

Bug – 191g Nano droneProteus – folding 1kg drone with modular camera system and modular payload it is configurable for almost every job

Scout – compact VTOL fixed wing weighing 4kg providing front line troops with ISTAR capability for upto 3 hours.

Sentinel – 2.4 meter fixed wing with high endurance capability as a fraction of current leading military UAS All these systems have a common control interface providing a leading UAV suite in multiple format airframes. 

UK industry is entering a new era and has started 2020 with a big win.  

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