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New Joint Unit Cements Cooperation between EASA and EUROCONTROL

Brussels – Director General EUROCONTROL Eamonn Brennan and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Executive Director Patrick Ky together officially opened the joint EASA-EUROCONTROL Technical and Coordination Office (TeCO) at EUROCONTROL’s Brussels Headquarters.

The Office is designed to improve the efficiency of the two organisations’ joint activities.

For Eamonn Brennan, this “marks a major step forward in the increasingly strong cooperation between the two organisations, providing strong cooperation at all levels. Through the Joint TeCO, we will be able to provide the required technical support to EASA, further improve our cooperation and avoid duplication.”

The safety and efficient running of air traffic in Europe is based on a complex system, which comprises harmonised air traffic management & air navigation services managed by a number of different organisations. EASA acts as the European regulator of the system while EUROCONTROL is the pan-European civil-military aviation organisation playing a central coordination role.

The demands on the European air traffic system have grown steadily over the past years, due to the increase in capacity needs – temporarily interrupted by the COVID-19 crisis – as well as societal expectations with respect to the high level of safety, cyber security, environmental protection and global interoperability in aviation.

“The joint Office will take our cooperation to a new level”, Patrick Ky said. “This is a very visible sign of the close relationship between our two organisations, showing our shared determination to support European aviation with the best possible technical and regulatory expertise.”

Managed by EASA’s Emanuil Radev, the TeCO will initially draw upon the technical know-how of four experts seconded from EUROCONTROL. The unit will provide technical support on regulation and standards, on safety oversight management, and on international cooperation activities, including the provision of specific tasks and services to aviation actors as required.

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