FlytBase Announces Technology Alliance with RAWview

The protection of property, equipment & other high-value assets against threats is a critical,
24/7 market need. The unprecedented pandemic has pushed the labour-intensive security
services sector to look for automation solutions that can complement human resources,
without any compromise in efficiency. Drone solutions for security have emerged as viable
alternatives to traditional security technologies such as CCTV. By providing aerial capabilities,
drones can augment the patrolling productivity of security staff, while decreasing risk and
improving coverage.

For efficient aerial surveillance, seamless integration between reliable drone equipment and
intelligent drone automation software is imperative. Real-time access to remote operators is
crucial for drone missions, especially when scaling aerial surveillance operations. Therefore,
FlytBase and RAWview have chosen to collaborate to provide world-class UAV solutions for
security companies and public safety organisations.

About the Companies

FlytBase, Inc., a Silicon Valley company, provides drone agnostic software solutions to
automate and scale drone operations. The FlytBase technology platform allows easy
deployment of intelligent drone fleets, connected with cloud-based business applications.
FlytBase offerings are compatible with major drone hardware platforms (eg. DJI, Ardupilot, PX4) and come with SDKs, simulator and APIs for reliable testing and seamless integration.

FlytBase’s cloud-connected offering, FlytNow, enables users to easily control and manage a
fleet of drones remotely. An intelligent fleet of drones can be put into operation, supported by
mission planning, geofencing, live-video streaming & sharing, etc.

FlytNow also has advanced capabilities such as precision Landing, AI-based detection, and support for thermal cameras.

RAWview Drone Systems Ltd is a UK-based drone technology expert, whose mission is to
simplify organisations’ transition to commercial drone use. They are suppliers of world-leading
commercial drone equipment, software, and training services – which they complement with
high levels of pre and post-sale consultation and support – to provide their corporate customers with custom drone solutions that address their most complex challenges.

How does this Partnership help?

FlytBase and RAWview both share the vision to provide scalable drone systems for security and
public safety in the UK and, in fact, across Europe. The blend of FlytBase’s remote fleet
management software FlytNow, with RAWview’s expertise in the deployment of integrated
drone systems, will result in turnkey safety solutions for security stakeholders and public safety
authorities. FlytNow has transformed how security businesses operate, by providing aerial
intelligence and enabling subject matter experts to access onsite activities remotely and in real-
Moreover, RAWview will leverage the artificial intelligence capabilities of the FlytBase platform,
to deliver advanced features such as intruder detection, precision landing, collision avoidance,
night vision, etc. Enterprise customers can also be assured of comprehensive system setup,
reliable training services, and priority support.

Joe Waldron, RAWview’s Product Integration Director, commented: “We pride ourselves on
supplying the most advanced commercial drone solutions that truly make a difference to our
customers’ operations, and we believe that developing robust, long-lasting commercial
partnerships with the drone industry’s most innovative vendors are central to our customers’
success. FlytBase is at the cutting edge of enterprise-grade drone software and is continually
driving to maximise the potential that drones have within industrial applications. It’s because of
this shared vision that I am delighted with our new collaboration.”

He went on to say: “From the numerous conversations we’ve had with UK security companies, we know that their main barrier to drone adoption was the ability to get real-time video footage from the drone to a control centre, which could be located many miles from the surveillance site. With FlytNow’s stable, cloud-based video transmission, we can now easily remove this barrier for our customers.”

Nitin Gupta, FlytBase CEO, added: “RAWview and FlytBase share a common vision of helping
customers accelerate their adoption of intelligent drone fleets. We understand the challenges
faced by enterprises, and the solutions required, for rapid, scalable drone deployments. Via this
partnership with the UK’s leading UAV solution provider, RAWview, FlytBase is excited to bring its aerial security solutions to the country, powered by cloud-connected, enterprise-grade software.”

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