Spark Mobility first to join Altitude Angel’s global partnership programme

Spark Mobility first to join Altitude Angel’s global partnership programme

London, UK: Altitude Angel, the world’s leading UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) technology provider, today announced Spark Mobility as the first organisation to join its Global Partnership Programme.

The Global Partnership Programme is an initiative which will bring together Altitude Angel’s world leading UTM technology with agencies who have regional and local relationships with regulators, organisations and enterprises, coupled with a strong understanding of domestic markets across a wide spectrum of industries.

Once in place, the partnerships will work with interested parties on the introduction of Altitude Angel’s GuardianUTM platform to enable UAV technologies to operate safely and securely. This will allow drone pilots to not only undertake more complex missions, but carry out BVLOS flights in integrated airspace.

Established in 2013, Spark Mobility specialise in building strong networks with public entities, organisations and businesses who want to unlock potential, in whatever form it may be, through innovation and technology.

On Spark Mobility joining the Global Partnership Programme, Richard Ellis, Altitude Angel, Chief Business Officer, said: “Spark Mobility share the same vision as Altitude Angel, we both believe innovative technologies can transform business and lives in a myriad of ways. Opening the skies to integrated commercial drone operations and routine BVLOS flight will bring new opportunities which in turn will drive and develop local ‘drone economies.’

“This is an exciting partnership and I’m very much looking forward to working with Spark Mobility on solutions which will bring immediate benefits to businesses and enterprise organisations across its network.”

Manuel Guerrero, Spark Mobility, Strategic Director, added: “We are delighted to be joining Altitude Angel as the first member of the Global Partnership Programme. Our organisations possess complementary skills and expertise with shared values and a commitment to bringing leading-edge technologies to market.

“This is a very exciting time in our sector, with many new opportunities emerging, and new
challenges to face; and we recognise that only by collaborating with world leading organisations like Altitude Angel will we be able to design and deliver the types of multi-dimensional solutions which will be needed to address the complex problems our clients face.

We are very excited about the possibilities that the Global Partnership Programme represents and look forward to working closely with Altitude Angel and other leading organisations in the years to come.”

Any organisation wishing to find out more about joining the Global Partnerships Programme can do so by emailing