HEROTECH8 brings Flock on board to insure and protect its automated drone-in-a-box technology

Today, HEROTECH8 announces its leading drone-in-a-box technology now incorporates Flock’s data-driven insurance as standard, making it easy for any organisation to deploy safe, secure and fully insured autonomous UAVs.

HEROTECH8’s mission is to overcome the  ‘one pilot per drone’ mindset currently limiting the potential of UAS technology and hindering widespread adoption. The company has solved this challenge by creating a completely autonomous system that can automatically deploy and control the leading commercially available drones. 

Using HEROTECH8’s specialised launchpad, drones can take off, conduct duties, land and charge their batteries without human intervention. The company is now working with all types of organisations looking to conduct UAV operations autonomously. The safe, secure and simple to deploy system is ideal for security sweeps, hotspot detection, routine facility monitoring and inspection and many other tasks that would have previously required dedicated personnel.

Working with leading UAV and eVTOL insurer Flock, HEROTECH8 have now made it easy and cost-effective for its customers to access fully compliant insurance for its autonomous drone operations. 

Edward Anastassacos, CEO of HEROTECH8 said: “We needed a forward-thinking and fast-to-respond insurance partner for such a visionary product and we found that in Flock. Our partnership allows any of our customers to quickly and effectively align insurance costs with operations and ensure all flying is fully compliant.” 

Sam Golden, Sales & Marketing Lead at Flock said “It won’t be long before every major industrial facility is using drones to carry out a range of routine tasks. From surveillance and surveying gutters to acting as early warning systems for fires.

“We work with companies working on the edge of what’s possible. The work HEROTECH8 is doing definitely falls into that category.  We can’t wait to see what they do next and support them on their journey”