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DroneSec Release First SaaS Threat Intelligence Platform for the Drone, Counter-Drone, and UTM System Industries.

DroneSec Pty Ltd today announced the release of their DroneSec Notify Threat Intelligence for the drone, counter-drone, and UAS Traffic Management (UTM) system industries as a global “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) platform.

This release comes as a first of its kind for the unmanned space, combining traditional human threat intelligence gathering with machine learning and big data to deliver customised alerts alongside in-depth analysis reports – all within a searchable artefact database with a well-rounded knowledgebase of whitepapers and industry reports. The platform receives updates daily from over 100 sources, carefully curated and analysed by a team of drone security experts with backgrounds in cyber security, intelligence, and defence. Already utilised by organisations across the world, DroneSec Notify has quickly gained the support and attention of experts in the drone space.

By combining Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques with their proprietary tracking software, Notify’s tracking engine allows operators to monitor locations for drone activity even if a physical counter-drone system is not in place. For prisons, airports or stadiums where defeating drone systems may not be regulatory approved, Notify combines bleeding-edge Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with successful mitigation strategies tried and tested in the field.

The software is aimed at security operation teams, digital forensic first responders and law
enforcement who can analyse trends, patterns and re-occurring threat actors behind unauthorised drone use.

David Kovar, Director of URSA Secure – a company delivering data forensics and data visualisations for the unmanned industry says “URSA’s success depends on our ability to maintain situational awareness of a very complex and often obscure ecosystem – malicious unmanned systems and the tools used to detect and counter them. DroneSec’s Notify service helps us find incidents that other mechanisms miss and to do so in a more interactive fashion, backed by excellent support.”

Available in free and paid options, the intelligence gathered by DroneSec’s drone security specialists already assists law enforcement, government, military, commercial and regulatory and legal spaces keep up-to-date with the latest changes and incidents across the world.

DroneSec Founder and CTO Mike Monnik had this to say: “We are really excited to take something that initially designed to uplift our own capabilities can now be put it in the hands of our customers – allowing them to manage their own drone security, countermeasure and response programs. This would not have been possible without a team as dedicated to the field of UAS and embedded in cyber security as DroneSec is.”

Having rapid access to the incidents, regulatory changes, technology advances, and industry news for emerging technology industries is a game changer for any organisation looking to both protect against rogue drone incidents, or deploy their own drone, counter-drone, or UTM system. DroneSec Notify combines this with actionable intelligence, analysis, reports, and insights with the aim of ensuring ongoing safety and continued progression of the unmanned space.

To schedule a demo or to find out more information on the DroneSec Notify Threat Intelligence
Platform, contact DroneSec via [email protected] or visit

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