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Aerial logistics network for same-day e-commerce

Airflow is building an aerial logistics network to move short-haul cargo quickly and cost effectively over traffic by utilizing the unused airspace around cities.

Logistics and e-commerce companies using Airflow can:

  • Expand time-sensitive services to more areas
  • Offer more SKUs for same-day delivery because goods can be moved into cities from remote warehouses quickly and inexpensively
  • Move goods quickly between warehouses throughout the day and night

The need for rapid middle-mile logistics (between 50 – 200 miles) is growing due to e-commerce growth and increasing road congestion. Airflow addresses that need.

Trucks add to road congestion and will only get worse as e-commerce grows. The diagram below shows how cargo moves today between warehouses (distribution centers) using trucks.

Airflow offers the first aircraft service that can move cargo directly between warehouses without the use of airports.

Conventional aircraft need airports with runways that are thousands of feet long. Airflow eSTOL aircraft require only a few hundred feet for takeoff and landing (about the length of a football field). That means runways can be built almost anywhere, under existing regulations.

Started by five former Airbus Vahana team members with over 60 years of aerospace experience, Airflow’s mission is to expand the benefits of aviation and bring new capabilities to the industry.

The founding team’s background includes companies like Airbus, Eclipse Aviation, Northrop Grumman, Uber Elevate, Airware, and Scaled Composites. Most recently, the team worked together on the successful Airbus Vahana eVTOL program.

(Notice, this is manned)

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