UAS Components expand range

UAS Components expand range

Addressing a growing demand from our clients and users in subsystems that are being used in PD-1 UAS for their own projects we decided to launch a new subdivision of our company called, which is focused on EO/IR payloads, UAV engines, catapult launchers, airframes and other proven components for unmanned aerial systems. 

All products were previously tested and used for an extended period of time in PD-1 UAS in different regions of the world, different weather conditions, and by different users. For the past few months, UAS Components was presented among the limited number of clients to test all products as stand-alone solutions and make sure we are ready to serve a large number of requests. 
Among our products, you can find large number of components for your unmanned aerial system, including: 

  • EO/IR camera payloads
  • Video link
  • Tracking antenna system
  • Fixed-wing airframe
  • Advanced mission control software for camera payload
  • And other subsystems from the PD-1 UAS ecosystem. 

Powered up by our expertise and strong development team, additionally, we offer the highest level of support, presence of field service representative, and custom integrations.
For more information and an in-depth view of our products please visit our website