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Centum enters the Southeast Asian marketplace & appoints drone solutions

Vigo, Spain & Singapore, May 8, 2020 www.centum-rt.com announced today its appointment of Drone Solutions as its Business Partner in Asia.

“Having gained significant traction and early successes in rolling out our innovative airborne geolocation system known as Lifeseeker; we are most pleased to partner with Drone Solutions, which brings us into direct contact with Southeast Asian decision makers who most assuredly will embrace our products designed to change the searching paradigm based on the simple premise that mobile phones are the most extended beacons in the world” said Héctor Estévez, Centum R&T’s Managing Director.

Gianluca Salone the Executive Director of Drone Solutions said “We are looking forward to being able to provide our clients with the distinct technological advantages Lifeseeker brings to Emergence Response and Unmanned Search & Rescue Missions. Lifeseeker’s unique ability to find missing people, detect hidden or buried people, for example under the dense ceiling of a jungle canopy, foliage, rubble and snow; oftentimes is the immeasurable difference between life and death.

About Centum R&T

Centum Research & Technology S.L. designs, develops and markets aeronautical mission systems in the fields of emergency and security, maximizing results in operations like search and rescue, maritime surveillance, firefighting, emergency communications, and border control. Its products are based on cutting-edge technology developed by a highly qualified engineering team, with a clear purpose to improve people’s lives.

Its Lifeseeker system takes advantage of the enormous social impact that mobile communication technologies have had in recent years in order to turn a mobile phone into an emergency beacon capable of leading rescue teams to its exact location without collaboration from the missing person or service provider; and operates both in areas with or without a network signal.

For more information on the Lifeseeker and Centum R&T visit www.centum-rt.com

About Drone Solutions

Drone Solution Services Pte Ltd is a privately held Singapore company engaged in researching, designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing, selling, licensing and patenting proprietary intellectual property rights related to Unmanned Systems Technology products.

Drone Solutions is in a constant pursuit of excellence through technological innovation and novelty enabling it to provide bespoke and advanced state-of-the-art unmanned aerial systems (“UAS”), unmanned underwater vehicles (“UUV”), unmanned surface vehicles (“USV”) and unmanned ground vehicles (“UGV”) solutions across a diverse range of segments.

For more information visit www.dronesolutionservices.com

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