UK – COVID-19: Use of callsign suffix ‘ALPHA’

With immediate effect, search and rescue flights using the ‘RESCUE’ callsign may be flown as flight priority category ‘A’.  The callsigns of such flights will include the suffix ‘ALPHA’. 

All other flights undertaken by HM Coastguard Helicopters will continue to use the RESCUE callsign.

Manual of Air Traffic Services Part 1 (CAP 493) Section 1, Chapter 4, para 10C ‘Flight Priority Categories’ refers.


A good friend of mine is a helicopter driver in the UK and told me recently that many companies have been stood up to deliver things and medical staff around the country. Looks like the CAA is getting ready.

It would also seem there are UAM/AAM solutions already in existence that can get into cities with meaningful loads from a distance away.

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