Linear Labs to Offer Smart Electric Motors to Hobbyists and Small Businesses for First Time with Launch of Individual Order Program

Linear Labs to Offer Smart Electric Motors to Hobbyists and Small Businesses for First Time with Launch of Individual Order Program

Smart electric motor company Linear Labs has today announced the availability of their HET MM17555 motor, aka The Honey Badger, to anyone regardless of order size. The HET produces twice the torque of competitive motors or equal torque in a smaller size. This brand-new technology provides a competitive advantage for small business, academic institutions, or individuals looking to experiment with stay-at-home projects. Most importantly, the increased power of the HET compared to other products gives entrepreneurs a competitive edge against their competition, providing superior performance or more compact packaging of products as varied as e-bikes, drones or any other electric design a startup might imagine.

For detailed information and to order the HET, please visit:

Single motors will be available at a price point of $695, for delivery in December 2020. Reduced unit pricing will be available based on quantity as outlined below:

Price per Motor (Quantity)

  • $695 (1)
  • $645 (5)
  • $595 (10)
  • $500 (20)

To accommodate the small business community and allow for this unique opportunity of access to lower-quantity manufacturing, a low threshold of $30,000 has been set for the Kickstarter platform, with a 30-day open period for ordering convenience.

“We’ve received hundreds of emails from individuals and smaller companies asking how they can get their hands on one of our patented HET electric motors,” said Brad Hunstable, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Linear Labs. “Up until now, large-scale manufacturing has made our HET motors available only to large companies ordering significant quantities. However, seeing demand from entrepreneurs as well as ‘maker’ hobbyists looking to experiment with home projects, we’ve decided to support these communities and encourage their innovation by offering a version of our HET motor to anyone who wants one, whether they order a single motor for a hobby project or twenty motors for a new startup working on e-scooter prototypes. At Linear Labs we’ve always been passionate about rewarding those who push the limits of ingenuity, and we see this as a way to pay back the next generation of inventors.”

Designed and assembled in the USA, the HET MM17555 motor is a variable-speed permanent magnet motor producing more than twice the torque of any equivalently sized motor with greater efficiency across the full speed range. This torque advantage means the HET motor can propel an e-scooter up challenging inclines or power a drone for extended periods of time with incomparable efficiencies. Additionally, it is the first unsealed motor that can work underwater for marine applications.

With a mass of <6 kg (12 lbs) and dimensions of 175 mm x L 55 mm, the MM17555 HET motor produces peak power of >3.4 kW at 650 rpm (50 Nm) and continuous toque of 1.4 kW at 900 rpm (15 Nm). Voltage ranges from 48 – 72 VDC with a continuous current of 22 A (rms) and peak current of up to 100 A (rms). It’s the perfect means of propulsion for projects ranging from electric small-last-mile mobility vehicles to robotics, with applications fitting everyone from high school and college students to up-and-coming inventors. The accessibility of working with the HET’s modular design means it can be adapted to fit almost any use case, running like a BLDC motor but with much greater torque than competitors.

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About Linear Labs, Inc.
Linear Labs is a smart electric motor company founded in 2014 to provide world-changing solutions for the electric power industry. With a strong IP portfolio of patents, current products include the revolutionary Hunstable Electric Turbine (HET), offering groundbreaking electric motor and generator products for mobility, HVAC and industrial applications, welcoming in a new era of smarter energy utilization.

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