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VECTOR-HIL from UAV Navigation

The VECTOR-HIL is the most advanced training simulator developed by UAV Navigation. It allows simulated operations using exactly the same configuration and conditions as for a real flight.  

VECTOR-HIL allows customers to train their pilots with UAV Navigation’s system, but that can be used in trade fairs or for commercial DEMOs. However, it can be used in iron-bird environments for testing as well as to connect some payloads for a more realistic simulation. The device consists of two separated computational boards: one runs an aircraft simulator (SIM) while the second (FCC) runs the real flight Vector software.

The SIM is able to:

●     Display the 3D platform and environment on Flight Gear.

●     Emulate the aircraft dynamics based on a complex dynamic and parameterized model.

●     Emulate the behaviour of an estimator suite (AHRS) which is included in the standard autopilot VECTOR.

●     Emulate different payload sensors such as: Laser Altimeter, Weight on wheels (WOW), RPM sensor etc…

●     Read the PWM output from the AP to emulate the servo actuator in each control surface. Also, it is possible to simulate sensor failure, noise, disturbances and servo malfunction.

●     Perform complete Pre-flight procedures.

The FCC Board stands for Flight Control Computer and runs the real flight control software. It receives the attitude data from the AHRS-INS port as the original code does, and it is configured and managed by Visionair.

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