Union Robotics Offers New UAV Factory Training Program

Union Robotics, an Oregon-based robotics company, has announced it now offers a factory training certification program to accompany its UAVs. The factory training prepares industrial drone pilots for compliance with current and upcoming governmental mandates for UAV operation in addition to providing energy specific skill development. The new program, called R.A.F.T (Remote Aircraft Factory Training), is the most comprehensive training and certification instruction offered by a manufacturer in the industry.

Leading the program will be Union Robotics pilot expert, Jan R. Timmerman, who has 20,000+ flight hours as a helicopter pilot, much of that within the energy sector. Mr. Timmerman is a Certified Flight Instructor, safety manager, and accident investigator, and as the director of Safety and Training operations for Union Robotics, developed R.A.F.T. alongside experienced energy industry UAV pilots in order to mirror aviation industry standards required of pilots on manned aircraft while ensuring that drone specific expertise is applied.

Extensive energy-specific experience is also key, when looking at training programs for equipping UAV pilots that will work in the energy industry. Union Robotics is committed to developing courses with leading UAV educators, that address the specialized needs of the energy market. As a UAV manufacturer focused on energy clients and committed to responsive development, Union Robotics has a distinct advantage over their competitors that have a wider scope; the programs Union Robotics has built reflect the interests and needs of the energy community and the tasks performed.

Another advantage to factory training courses like R.A.F.T., as opposed to basic drone piloting instruction, is that operators not only gain aviation knowledge and expansion of UAV piloting skills, but also technical training that gives them a high level understanding of the UAVs designed for the energy industry and the ability to perform field repairs. (R.A.F.T. graduates will receive Technician Level 1 certification.) This component adds two-fold value; a pilot that understands the hardware will intuitively be able to operate it with more consideration, and having an operator that can conduct technical troubleshooting means less time lost in the field.

The first Remote Aircraft Factory Training course will be held on April 20 -24, 2020 and includes lunch, snacks, training manuals, hands-on practice to build skill proficiency and more. To reserve your space contact Union Robotics at [email protected] or call 1-(888)-864-6680. Union Robotics is the creator of the Meadowhawk DE, an industrial unmanned aerial vehicle made from ASTM F711-rated dielectric material. Their engagement in advancing the field of industrial drone production is paralleled by an equal commitment to ensuring the safety of drone operators and the public, leading to the development of courses like R.A.F.T.

For more information visit http://www.union-robotics.com or call 1-888-864-6680