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Team Black Sheep Quarantine Masters

Race on Velocidrone and get $5’000 prizes!!!

Starting tomorrow, 5 days per week, live streaming mania. 2 hours, 4 qualifiers and one final per week. 16 days total! We will have celebrity guests on to keep you entertained. Be sure to tune in even if you’re not racing, you can still win prizes and Velocidrone codes!

To watch, join in at the TBS Lounge Thu, Fri, Sun, Tue and Wed 10pm GMT:

If you are a finalist of one week, you need to sit out the following weeks until the last race: Grand finale. $1’000 in prizes each week, $2’000 in prizes for the final!

How to participate:
1) Register on the facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2576844649219348/
2) On raceday, join discord like “registering on the flight line”: https://discord.gg/qxx5Wrq
3) Share out the following post (shareable version of this):

Let’s make the most of this situation and race until our fingers bleed :) — Trappy

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