Tuesday, July 13, 2021

QilingUAV C260 Forest Fire Fighter

QilingUAV C260 Forest fire extinguishing, hazardous chemical fire extinguishing, emergency rescue

Aimed at the problems that traditional forest rescue fire extinguishing tools cannot effectively extinguish fires and people entering too dangerously, forest fire extinguishing has become a world problem.

One team developed a forest fire extinguishing drone and fire extinguishing bomb for several years. 

One JC260 can carry two forest fire extinguishing fire extinguishing bombs, and one can put two fire extinguishing fires at a time, which can extinguish 100 cubic meters of fire. In the event of a fire in a forest or a dangerous chemical, we can use several drones to saturate fire extinguishing bombs at the same time. First, isolate the source of the fire and effectively mitigate the spread of the fire to the property safety of the country and people.


Body length2.8m(Excluding blades)Takeoff weight260KG
Body height1.6mEngine34HP * 2 water-cooled rotor engine
Rotor diameter3.6mCruising speed≤100km/h
Number of paddle blades2 * 2 coaxialTime of endurance3-4h
Empty weight160kgFuelgasoline
Mission load100kgStart wayRemote start
Fire Extinguisher ModelCL-50Number of mounts2 pieces
A set of independent drone forest fire targeting systemOne-click launching system for drone forest fire extinguishing bomb
50 cubic meters of fire extinguishing area per forest fire extinguisherExtinguishing accuracy of fire extinguishing bomb is not more than 2m * 2m