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ProDrone Academy Commissioned to Develop Drone Training Framework for HM Gov Gibraltar

Industry-leading professional drone training provider ProDrone Academy has recently been commissioned by HM Government of Gibraltar to develop a brand-new drone training framework to enable local certification of its remote pilots.

Drones are being used on the rock for everything from cliff inspections to keeping watch on illegal fishing activities and having realized the huge impact that drones can have it was decided in late 2018 to train an initial member of the environmental team to become a remote pilot. Having attended a number of ProDrone Academies courses senior Remote Pilot and Project Lead Karl Netto felt that ProDrone Academy was the logical choice as a partner for this project.

ProDrone Academy senior instructor Ian Titchener said “We’re delighted to have been selected for this project. We’re looking forward to helping Karl and the team develop and maintain a world-class training program to make sure that as well as getting the most out of their aircraft, they are also able to operate to a high standard whilst ensuring the safety of all of those around them

As well as offering a wide range of commercial drone training opportunities ProDrone Academy also offers unmanned aviation consultancy and integration services across a range of industries. To find out more call the team on 01353 780766 or email [email protected]

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