Fly Dragon Aviation Tech COVID-19 Spraying

With the help of science and technology, the High-tech Development Bureau of the Public Security Bureau used drones to help set up an epidemic prevention and control  Network, and worked hard to fight the epidemic prevention and control.

Disinfection spray “full coverage” 

Cleaning and disinfection is something that every unit must do every day since epidemic prevention and control. Traditional disinfection mainly relies on vehicles and personnel, which will inevitably leave dead ends and may cause cross infection.  The drone works for two hours, and the spray disinfection area can reach more than 13,000 square meters, which is equivalent to four hours of work for four cleaning staff. Compared with traditional methods, UAV epidemic prevention reduces labor costs and avoids cross-infection. At the same time, three-dimensional spraying of disinfectant solution has a larger space and better anti-epidemic effect.

Small drones with loud speaker 

“Now the epidemic is severe, please the general public to minimize going out, always wear masks to strengthen their protection!” Recently, a certain district in the high-tech zone science and technology city will always echo such a broadcast, this is the “UAV No. 1” “Airborne patrol propaganda operations are underway. Yang Wanqing, a police patrol officer in the police station of the Science and Technology City, introduced that since the epidemic prevention, the police station has enabled drones to cycle in the community, reminding the general residents to reduce going out, wear masks, and resolutely ensure that they do not visit, gather, or party. Returnees go to the community as soon as possible Register.


1. Foldable frame, easy to transport 

2. Intelligent flight with autopilot

3. Intelligent flight memory, record break-point 

4. Adjustable spray flow rate 

5. Adjustable altitude and fly speed 

6. Fail-safe, auto fly when out of control 

7. Low voltage warning and auto return to base 

8. Empty tank warning and auto return to base 

9. Terrain following with MMW radar 

10. Software(ground station and manage platform) 

11. Obstacles avoidance 

12. Double GPS