ArduPilot Developer Conference 2020 moves online.

The Ardupilot Dev Team

Based on the growing risk and expected development of the coronavirus over the next few weeks and on medical advice we’ve decided to cancel the face to face portion of the ArduPilot Developer conference for March 2020 and will instead be holding the talks online, using zoom video conferencing.  The 2021 conference will be held at the same location (the Hotel Kurrajong) and approximately the same date.

We didn’t take this decision lightly and know that this will be a big disappointment to many people. The annual developer meetup is the highlight of the year for many people (certainly for the core developers).

Online Conference

Like many other conferences that have made the same decision to cancel the face to face meeting we will be holding the talks online. This also offers us the ability to have many people to attend virtually. We will be announcing the conference schedule and meeting IDs soon, so those attending remotely can fit the conference talks into their schedule.

To facilitate people in varying time zones we will arrange the conference talks so that they are spread across a range of time zones. Some talks will be in Australian morning time and some in Australian evening time. The times for each talk will be chosen to align with the speaker’s own timezone to ensure their talk is at a time they are comfortable with.

We will also hold the next two weekly development team meetings (the ones on Monday evening US time, Tuesday morning Australian time) on zoom, to allow for two practice meetings to ensure that we have the system running nicely before the main conference.