AERIUM Analytics Acquires Clear Flight Solutions RoBird® Technology

AERIUM Analytics Acquires Clear Flight Solutions RoBird® Technology

The team at AERIUM Analytics is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of a technology and intellectual property (IP) portfolio from Clear Flight Solutions, covering the RoBird technology. The acquired technology includes the ornithopter drone RoBird® and all associated patents and knowledge.

AERIUM Analytics is the leading service provider in the use of unmanned systems for commercial services solutions in controlled and complex airspaces. Through AERIUM’s unparalleled operational experience it offers an integrated geospatial intelligence and wildlife management solution model for such environments. AERIUM will immediately begin manufacturing RoBird units in Calgary and will embark on a pre-established technology development road map for RoBird and other flapping wing flight applications.

“Four years ago, a group of innovative and forward-thinking individuals decided to create a company that would focus on the future of geospatial intelligence combined with unmanned technology. Our vision was to provide a technology enabled service that would allow businesses to gain a clear understanding of the integrity and readiness of their physical assets and to meet their regulatory compliance and operations planning and monitoring challenges. I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved towards that goal and am looking forward to working with our innovative team of GIS, robotics, machine learning, computer vision and sensor technology specialists as they continue to integrate and expand flapping wing flight into our already broad portfolio of technology. Globally we have been the largest user of the RoBird technology to date and are well situated to achieve this.” Says Richard Hawker, president of AERIUM Analytics. “We partnered with Clear Flight Solutions back in 2017 and they have since proven to be a pioneer in the development of unmanned technology including flapping wing flight. We are looking forward to continuing to work with their talented team, bringing together the best hardware, software, and artificial intelligence to build unmanned technology.  Together, we will continue to provide ecologically friendly wildlife management and state of the art geospatial intelligence solutions around the world.”

Alain le Loux, Head of European Operations for Cottonwood Technology Fund (lead investor in Clear Flight Solutions), says “We are excited to have a partner like AERIUM who can commit substantial R&D resources to improving the capabilities of the RoBird®. This allows Clear Flight Solutions to focus all its efforts on customer acquisition and service. We also retain surveillance IP related to fixed wing versions of bird style drones. Clear Flight Solutions will mainly focus on European airports with RoBird® and will serve surveillance drone birds to the security and defense markets globally.”

About AERIUM Analytics

AERIUM Analytics is a Canadian Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Service provider focused on complex operations, geospatial intelligence and data analytics. AERIUM Analytics provides a variety of stand-alone or packaged UAS services, including flight services, wildlife management services, data processing and analysis, and enhanced data visualization. With our world class focus on safety and regulatory compliance and leadership supported by documented processes within our Safety Operations Learning Equipment (SOLE) management system, the team at AERIUM Analytics deploys innovative thinking and technology to deliver unique and effective solutions. To learn more about AERIUM Analytics, please visit: 

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