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The Big Story in Construction Technology May not be What You Think

Construction software pioneer iRoofing develops iRoofConnect™, advancing a corporate objective – Technological Inclusion

The key product on display when iRoofing exhibits this week at the International Roofing Expo in Dallas is not its newest cloud solution nor its iPhone release. Instead, the big news will be the software company’s accomplishments around technological inclusion.

Since iRoofing’s start in 2011, it has focused on what the founders perceive is the essential need of the industry as a whole – to put technology in the hands of construction workers, demonstrate its simplicity, and prove its advantage. The goals are to elevate efficiencies throughout the construction industry, create new job opportunities, and support a more sustainable, adaptive workforce.

“Construction involves planning, specifying and supplying materials, and the act of building. Within this equation, technology continually fills more roles. High tech has revolutionized design and building processes, accelerated workflows, automated many manual tasks, and improved the performance of building materials. Yet, peak efficiency across the construction spectrum can only be realized if all stakeholders leverage technology on par. Construction workers generally don’t see high tech as relatable to their trade. This remains a barrier to technology’s full potential. iRoofing’s new iRoofConnect™ is part of a series of innovations to entice them to use technology in their daily routines. Keeping construction workers relevant as technology advances is not only vital to their livelihood but it fuels industry innovation,” explained Daniel Meridor, iRoofing’s co-Founder and former architecture instructor at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science & Art.

Currently, iRoofing turns tasks once performed manually – measurements, bidding, simulations, and ordering materials – into simpler, safer, more accurate and more efficient digital processes. iRoofConnect™ moves iRoofing closer to its objective to fully include workers and craftsmen in on-the-jobsite technology. As technology becomes more integrated into construction processes, younger workers will see building trades as stimulating vocations aligned with their interests in technology and related career aspirations, while older workers, no longer inclined or capable to toil outdoors, are empowered to manage projects virtually from home or office. “By onboarding our new technology, not only will contractors secure their key roles in the building process but they can extend their working lifespan, attract a younger generation to the workforce, and contribute to a more sustainable construction ecosystem. We feel that this is the beauty in technology – to both advance a field as well as have a positive social impact. This is our form of technological inclusion,” said Meridor.

About iRoofing
Ft. Lauderdale-based iRoofing LLC, a SaaS company, created a mobile app for DIY measurements via satellite, aerial, drone, and blueprint images. iRoofing instantly converts measurement reports into estimates. The app can generate custom roof simulations and send material orders through integrating with hundreds of manufacturers and distributors. Since its founding, the company has continued to grow its subscriber base of contractors, transforming the way projects are specified, presented, estimated, sold, and managed.

To learn more about Meridor’s goals behind technical inclusion in the construction industry, contact iRoofing at 800-646-6270 www.iroofing.org  

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