Silent Falcon UAS Technologies Offer Mission Selectable Capabilities to Solar/Electric sUAS Aircraft

Albuquerque, New Mexico (February 12, 2020): Silent Falcon UAS Technologies (SFUAS) is excited to announce new options for it solar-powered, electric driven Silent Falcon E1 sUAS aircraft. The new customer selectable options allow the drone to:

 Extend flight time 10+ hours
 Select launch and recovery options
o Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL)
o Conventional
o Catapult launch with parachute recovery
 BVLOS beyond 100 km

Grant Bishop, SFUAS CEO, said of the new options “Our customers have different missions and CONOPS, and our 20lb payload capacity allows our platform to meet those unique missions and CONOPS easily.

The E1 is simple to operate and the new suite of options expands the mission capability for our
customers. Need multiple sensors? More range? Operate in a confined space? As one customer likes to say, ‘PPMC-Plug and Play Mission Capability.’”

Bishop added, “Our new options allow the E1 to have Sensors on time, On target anywhere in the world.

The E1 is the ‘go to’ sUAS aircraft for ISR: easy to operate, affordable, rugged, and adaptable.”

Don’t have a flight department? SFUAS provides global full service ISR and analysis with our E1 fleet. Recently several cities have turned to manned aircraft surveillance for security as reported by CBS “60 minutes.” A much better alternative is Silent Falcon ISR services. We provide better coverage and lower costs. SFUAS ISR Services can fly longer with more coverage and a live feed to multiple users on the ground with no gas, no noise, and zero carbon emissions. It’s a better choice for cities that want safety, clean air and no fuel costs.

The SFUAS ISR Services team recently provided 24/7 security for the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS), helping them maintain safety and security during the Port of Spain Carnival, a massive multi day celebration. Over four days, Silent Falcon assisted the TTPS in: identifying and pinpointing criminal activity, traffic management, crowd control, and managing and directing police assets. The long-endurance and long-range were key for this mission as Silent Falcon was able to provide continuous information and city-wide situational awareness to TTPS operational command center. This allowed the TTPS to have enhanced visibility and access to otherwise hard to capture situations.

All SFUAS equipment and parts are designed and built in Albuquerque, New Mexico with NO Chinese content. The full line of SFUAS products, services, and support is available via GSA Contract No. GS07F248BA.

SFUAS provides full service to customers, including operators for the aircraft and a full turnkey collection of data analysis, report, and storage services. From a smooth flight to an easily readable data report, customers will find the effectiveness of the aircraft options paired with the professionalism of the SFUAS staff to be ideal for any UAS requirements.


Silent Falcon UAS Technologies manufactures patent pending, state-of-the-art small Unmanned Aircraft Systems and components and sensors for the security, military and commercial markets including oil and gas and pipeline inspections, power utility inspections, large scale agriculture, natural resource management, security/ISR, public safety, and mapping/surveying. Silent Falcon is the only solar electric UAS to provide long endurance and range, silent operations, and an open interface payload bay accommodating a wide- variety of payloads that are also quick and easy to change. The company is headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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