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ALTI AvioX – VTOL Autopilot

The world’s only ready to fly autopilot and avionics system for VTOL (vertical take-off and land) aircraft! The ALTI AvioX is a fully featured, high quality autopilot, flight control and power distribution system all in one, with an ultra compact package, designed specifically for VTOL aircraft from the ground up. The ALTI AvioX is truly plug-and-play, and supports a wide variety of aircraft, configurations and power requirements.

Fly the leading VTOL software from ArduPlane, with the highest quality manufacturing, hardware and sensors, put together with care and precision by ALTI, with  nearly a decade of experience, flying and operations around the world, the ALTI AvioX offers all this and more in a small, affordable and easy to use solution.

Designed for VTOL

Aviox is designed and manufactured in-house by ALTI, specifically for VTOL aircraft. With support for a huge range of configurations and systems, including tilt-rotors, fixed rotor, tri, quad, octocopters and many others.

All-in-One Solution

Autopilot and power distribution! AvioX also includes redundant and adjustable power supplies, advanced microprocessor, navigation lighting system, combustion engine support and many more features.

Install & Fly!

With no complex build or integration, simply install, setup and fly! AvioX includes everything needed to fly VTOL aircraft along with the highest quality components, sensors and wiring harness.

Built-in Control

The AvioX features an industry leading long range control system, built right in, along with active cooling, vibration damping mount, ultra reliable high quality connectors, all in a rugged, durable and lightweight enclosure.

More than just an Autopilot.

The ALTI AvioX is an all-in-one autopilot, flight control and power distribution system which includes a long list of advanced features for multi-rotor, fixed wing and specifically VTOL unmanned aircraft of all shapes, sizes and configurations. Simply install, setup and fly!

Industry Standard Autopilot

Best in class VTOL Firmware running ArduPlane

Multi-platform Compatibility & Support 

Complete VTOL Power Distribution System

8 Channel Customizable  Navigation Lighting System

Industry Leading Long Range Control link

Vibration Damping Mounting System

Ultra Compact all-in-one Enclosure

Full Wiring Looms included 

Redundant Autopilot Power System 

Multiple Power Out options (Autopilot, Actuators and Aux Outputs)

14 Channel Output

Complete GPS System

Airspeed Sensor System

Active Cooling

Combustion Engine Support (Ignition Kill, RPM sensing, ECU interface etc)

Customizable Scripting & Firmware options

MAVlink Compatible

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