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AAUS Industry Champions Awards 2020 Finalists Announced

Recognition of Australian Unmanned Systems Industry Champions 2020

AAUS is once again proud to be hosting an Industry Awards night to recognise individuals and organisations that have made a significant contribution to the Australian unmanned systems industry.

Over 100 nominations were received for the 5 award categories highlighting the strength of our rapidly developing industry.  The finalists make an impressive list of individuals and organisations.  Our judging panel had the difficult job of selecting finalists for each category.  

Finalists are listed below.

Winners will be announced during the AAUS Gala Dinner that will be held in Canberra on the evening of Thursday March 26, 2020.  The Gala Dinner is being held in conjunction with the AAUS RPAS in Australian Skies 2020 conference.  Tickets for the Gala Dinner can be purchased via the conference website.


The Leadership Award recognises individuals or organisations that lead the way with advocacy work that strives to improve the commercial and / or technological viability of the unmanned system industry.


  • Dr Renee Bartolo (Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment)
  • Andrew Crowe (Mirragin Unmanned Systems)
  • Dr Terry Martin (Nova Systems)
  • Dr Andrew Tridgell (Aerial Robotics Australia, ArduPilot)
  • UAV Challenge (QUT, CSIRO)
  • Rob Whittle (Queensland Police Service)

The Innovation Award recognises organisations  that have designed a new product, a new service, a new production or manufacturing process contributing to the advancement of the unmanned systems industry.


  • AUAV (inSite 3D drone data platform)
  • AVT Australia (Micro Gimbal for small UAS)
  • Skyborne Technologies (man packable aerial fire support UAS)
  • Textron Systems Australia (Avionics 2 -distributed avionics for Aerosonde UAS)
  • University of Technology Sydney (artificial Intelligence technologies and ultra-low latency live streaming from drones)

The Education & Safety Award recognises individuals or organisations who demonstrate leadership in educating the unmanned systems industry with particular emphasis of developing a safety-focussed culture.


  • Aviassist (Train the Trainer program for the excluded category) 
  • Hover UAV (Tailored complex drone operation training)
  • UAVAIR (Cert III in Aviation (Remote Pilot VLOS) high school program) 
  • UAV Training Australia (Specialised and contextualised RePL courses for Government agencies) 

The Humanitarian Achievement Award recognises individuals or organisations that demonstrate the role unmanned technologies can play in bettering our world.


  • Bushfire and Aviation Unit, Fire and Rescue NSW
  • Global Drone Solutions
  • Mobility Robotics
  • SUAS Troop, 20 Regiment, Royal Australian Army
  • Swoop Aero
  • Team Rubicon Australia

The NextGen Achievement Award recognises young individuals (under 35 yo) that demonstrate elite capability and leadership in their field within the unmanned systems sector.


  • Richard Adams (Team Rubicon Australia)
  • Andrew Davies (Taz Drone Solutions)
  • Andrew McKinnon (Australian Defence Force)
  • Eric Peck (Swoop Aero)
  • Amy Steiger (Cardno)
  • Josh Tepper (Swoop Aero)

Award Winners will be announced that the AAUS Gala DInner (held in conjunction with the RPAS in Australian Skies conference 2020) in Canberra on Thursday March 26, 2020.

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