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SkyRights Launches Air Rights Management for Railroad Industry

[INDIANAPOLIS, USA] SkyRights Holdings LLC (www.skyrights.io) today announces a new service for U.S. Class I railways focused on management and monetization of air rights above railroad tracks specifically for drone delivery and urban air mobility applications. The airspace above railways offers a unique solution to address the safety, electric charging infrastructure and liability management challenges when compared to flying delivery drones overpopulated areas.

The rapidly emerging market for drone delivery services pioneered by Amazon, Google, Fedex and Walmart is transforming cargo logistics and transport. McKinsey & Company estimates that $3 billion dollars have already been invested in new drone technology and upwards of $20
billion dollars of new value will be created by 2026.

“Although Congress will probably create a low altitude zone for drone aviation it doesn’t address the safety issues with flying over populated areas” said David Christophersen, CEO of SkyRights. “Railways have air rights that offer a network including trackside electric infrastructure for charging drone aircraft. This is an exciting new opportunity to market railroad assets to drone delivery leaders like Amazon and Walmart who typically have distribution facilities close to major rail lines.”

SkyRights is seeking to partner with U.S. Class I railroads interested in monetizing air rights above their tracks specifically for drone commerce applications.

About SkyRights

SkyRights Holdings LLC (www.skyrights.io) is the leading U.S. company dedicated to air rights management and monetization in the new era of EVTOL aviation. Our team focuses on air rights acquisition and air corridor design with the goal of providing safe, cost-effective, low-altitude transportation solutions.

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