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QilingUAV_ Solar HAP

Who would have thought, an off the shelf HAP. Plenty of use cases for these, I would love to see what has been achieved with this platform and for what cost. No idea of price, I have reached out to them.

The solar uav uses solar energy as the power source.

It has the characteristics of a super long voyage, which can leave the air for several months to years in the future. Moreover, it flies at a high altitude of more than 20,000 meters and has a broad mission area.

It can be widely used in civil-military integration, including major natural disaster early warning, normal maritime supervision, emergency rescue and relief, counter-terrorism and stability maintenance and other public welfare fields, as well as remote areas of Internet wireless access, mobile communications, digital television signal broadcasting and other commercial and industrial fields.

★ Span
★ The total weight at take-off450Kg
★ Ceiling20,000m
★ Endurance6days+
★ Loading capacity30Kg


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