Laflamme Aéro receives $2 Million in VC funding

Saint-Joseph-de-Coleraine , January 29, 2019 – Laflamme Aéro, located in the Thetford Mines region, announces the conclusion of a $ 2 million round of financing in which Investissement Québec, Anges Québec and Anges Québec Capital. Investments that are timely for the company which is preparing to market its LX300 drone from 2020, the first aircraft in the world of the unmanned helicopter type capable of carrying loads of 90 kilos.

“The LX300 is one of the largest civilian drones in the world. With its 300 kilos, it is mainly distinguished by its versatility, its ability to transport heavy loads and its flight autonomy of eight hours. This investment of $ 2 million now allows us to propel and promote our product to major national and international markets, “explains Enrick Laflamme, engineer, co-founder and president of Laflamme Aéro, the company he founded with his brother. David also an engineer and vice president of engineering for the growing company.

In addition to the commercial deployment of the LX300, the new investments announced today will support the improvement of the company’s infrastructure and the establishment of an assembly line, the addition of new resources to support the growth of Laflamme Aéro, as well as the research and development continuity of new products.

Developed by the family business since 2013, the LX300 is an innovative product intended for the private, commercial, military and government sectors. Very versatile, the device can be fitted with surveillance cameras or even transport equipment over long distances, to supply a sector that is difficult to access, for example. The LX300 has successfully encountered numerous flight tests and other delicate takeoff and landing manoeuvres in the past two years.

“It has all the advantages of a helicopter, but without the need for a pilot. It is fitted with a tandem rotor system (two propellers), allowing vertical takeoff and landing and great stability. All of these elements and the quality of the design make it an extremely reliable product with competitive operating costs, ”adds Laflamme.