Geely Tail Speeding TF-2A

Geely Tail Speeding TF-2A

2019 is an important year for Geely’s “integrated world” three-dimensional smart travel ecology to advance steadily. After the wholly-owned acquisition of American Taili Speed ​​in 2017, Geely quickly established the TaiLi Speed ​​China R & D team to carry out independent research and development and industry layout of urban air travel vehicles.

In mid-December 2019, Taili Flying Vehicle, a subsidiary of Geely Technology Group, successfully conducted its first test flight to the TF-2A scale-down verification machine in the Urban Air Mobility field.

This milestone event marks the official entry of Geely Taili Speed ​​into the field of urban air travel.

With the full support of Geely Technology Group and the unremitting efforts of the Taili Speed ​​R & D team, the TF-2A scale-down verification machine completed the concept design and ground-related tests through continuous technical optimization and entered the air test phase. The scale verification machine uses pure electric power, mainly composite materials, a wingspan of 4.5 meters, a designed maximum take-off weight of 60 kg, and a cruising speed of about 100 kilometres per hour.

The research and development of TF-2A started in 2019, covering the entire industrial chain from front-end market analysis to design research and development to manufacturing and processing. It has industry-leading R & D capabilities in design, simulation analysis, testing and testing. At the same time, Taili Flying Car has mature full-composite material processing capabilities, and independently completed the composite material body processing and production of the verification machine.

Geely Taili Speed ​​TF-2A has the following performance parameters and characteristics:

  • With 8 lifts and 1 propeller, it can take off and land vertically without ground runway;
  • The payload is 200 kg, which can carry 2 passengers and accompanying luggage; the maximum range is 100 km, the cruising speed can reach 180 km / h, it can cover most of the city radius, and it can meet the needs of intercity air travel between adjacent cities ;
  • Pure electric power design, compared with traditional helicopters and other aircraft, it has lower operating costs, lower noise, more energy saving and environmental protection, and higher safety redundancy;
  • Equipped with international top flight control system, and will gradually iterate to autonomous flight in the future;

The design and development of TF-2A is aimed at passing airworthiness certification and obtaining type approval. It will be put into commercial operation with the highest safety factor in the future.

Relying on Geely’s large travel platform, Geely Taili Speeding Vehicle combines the advantages of R & D and operation of the aviation industry in the group, and the world’s leading software and hardware development in the transportation field. At the same time, it cooperates with international aviation owners’ flow suppliers to create the industry’s leading urban air travel vehicle. Based on the principle manned, combining space after the first quarantine after the first loading space, the future, TF-2A from emergency rescue, special logistics and other fields begin to gradually transition to manned aerial tourism and other market segments, most eventually applied City air travel, and make important contributions to the realization of auspicious air travel ecological layout.

After the first successful test flight of the verification machine, the Taili Speed ​​team will continue to collect and analyze relevant data, optimize iterative product design, and plan to launch the TF-2A full-scale prototype in the next stage. In order to create a market-leading and industry-leading aerial Travel solutions work tirelessly.