First flight for Gadfin Spirit One

First Flight Gadfin Spirit One

Gadfin design and develops long-range Urgent-delivery systems of the future, which is no less than a game-changer for the Medical and Time-critical deliveries market. Our system brings together traditional flight knowledge, unmanned and autonomy technology, thus redefining delivery capabilities in terms of flight radius, safety, reliability, and automation, that is going to disrupt the world.

Imagine medical facilities in every corner of the globe connected, all the time, with medical supply always there when you need it; at remote locations exactly like in city centres, bridging between islands, crossing countries, and mountains, re-defining the old ways of logistics, saving lives, on a daily basis.

Imagine railways in the sky delivering daily, thousands of goods from peer to peer, day and night, rain or shine, safely, quietly and reliably like never seen before.

We are here, now, equipped with the best technology, which is developed in-house by our unmanned systems experts, creating solid IP, and determined to really make it happen!