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Farm Drone Sensor Showdown – a Free Online Course by Scholar Farms

Gregory Crutsinger (PhD) and the team have released a new online masterclass called the Farm Drone Sensor Showdown, built from years of experience using UAVs in precision agriculture.

San Francisco, CA.  Scholar Farms, a drone educational consultancy that produces state-of-the-
art video training materials for drone mapping, today released their third online masterclass called the Farm Drone Sensor Showdown. This free course walks through the leading multispectral cameras on the market for vegetation mapping in agriculture, forestry, ecology, and other verticals.

The instructor, Dr. Gregory Crutsinger, explains, “The first questions I get in our in-person
workshops or other online courses are about the range of different multispectral cameras on the market. These sensors can be expensive and it takes a lot of effort to research what is available and going to meet your professional needs in the field. So, we created this sensor class as a guide to assist you in making an informed decision for the coming growing season.”

The free online course walks students through the different sensors for plant mapping, the drones that can carry the various payloads and the software options for image processing.

The class is designed for all skill levels and users can enroll for free at

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