DJI Dealer AirWorks Reveals Its Online Educational Platform for Drone Products

DJI Dealer AirWorks Reveals Its Online Educational Platform for Drone Products

AirWorks believes in empowering others to dream big: its online learning platform DJI Educational gives anyone the chance to become familiar with all DJI products, as well as drone regulations. All courses also teach students how to use the DJI App, fundamental for leveraging all of the drone’s features.

The main benefits of learning through Airworks DJI Educational:

  • educe chances of flying incidents
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge of the DJI app
  • Seamless learning experience on any device
  • Continued support throughout the course
  • Certificate of Participation upon finishing the course
  • Free courses available for those who buy a DJI Product at AirWorks

Studies have shown that attending courses about technical functioning and piloting of drones significantly reduces the chances of incidents. By learning more about the specific model of drone one is flying, the chance of having any incidents is reduced by 70%. Attending a specific course also gives students the chance to use the drone to its maximum potential.

DJI Educational courses are organized in video coursesforums and quizzes that allow users to have an engaging learning experience and feel confident in their piloting skills.

During the lessons, continued assistance of an online instructor is guaranteed in order to solve any doubts. At the end of the course, a final exam gives the user a chance to show what has been learned. Passing the exam will result in obtaining an Official Certificate from the Airworks DJI Educational platform.

The platform is designed to give users a seamless experience and can be accessed through desktop and mobile at any time.

To show every customer how much AirWorks cares about their education, anyone who buys a product from the AirWorks DJI Dubai Dealer (either physical store or online) will receive a free online course! That means receiving both the product and the knowledge necessary use it in the best and most efficient way.

For everyone else, the courses are still available for purchase through the online learning platform DJI Educational.

In a world where continued education seems to be the most valuable asset anyone can have, AirWorks is dedicated to offering the best online DJI education. Start learning today!

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