Thursday, September 23, 2021

Disposable Aerial Resupply Craft (DARC)

DARC provides users with the ability to provide urgent and discrete contingency resupply to recipients at ranges of up to 100 nautical miles.

The disposable system is airdropped from a supporting fixed-wing aircraft and performs an unpowered autonomous flight to the recipient-designated landing zone. This project went from inception through CoDR and PDR in just 4 weeks.

The extended reach, ultra low cost, and discrete manner by which critical resupply can be achieved forge a path toward a new level of contingency preparedness never before seen in combat.

Disposable Aerial Resupply Craft (DARC) – Long-range single-use glider for precision tactical resupply.

• Endurance: 70 min

• MTOW: 50 lb.

• Payload: 25 lb.

• Speed: 75 kn

• Range: 100-mile deployment standoff

• Propulsion: Unpowered

• Launch: Air Dropped

• Recovery: Deep Stall