SkySkopes Launches New Oil and Gas Subsidiary

SkySkopes Launches New Oil and Gas Subsidiary

SkySkopes, one of the top five UAS flight operators in the UAS industry, has spun off a new company for UAS-related oilfield operations called SkySkopes Oil & Gas LLC.  With a significant amount of UAS flight experience in the Bakken and Permian basins, SkySkopes launches this new division as a single point of contact for all UAS-based oil company needs under one umbrella.

UAS are successfully utilized for a seemingly unlimited number of use-cases, and particularly in the energy sector as drones are proven to increase safety factors.  SkySkopes, having been on the cutting edge of the UAS regulatory environment for several years, is now turning its considerable beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) experience in the direction of oil and gas for the purposes of aerial data collection.  SkySkopes Oil and Gas, LLC utilizes some of the most advanced LiDAR, Optical Gas Imagers, and UAS-based magnetometers commercially available to give new levels of situational awareness to oilfield personnel.

“This is an important step for SkySkopes to meet the insatiable demand for UAS data in the oil and gas industry,” said Matt Dunlevy, President and CEO of the parent company, SkySkopes, Inc.  “This new entity is a way to bridge the gap between two of North Dakota’s most important economies: oil and aviation.  I look forward to seeing the new organization flourish across the United States.”

One of the most important aspects of the subsidiary is the incorporation of  professional engineering talent.  SkySkopes Oil and Gas, LLC brought professional engineers into the fold as the subject matter experts at each end of UAS missions.  These engineers interpret and utilize data collected by SkySkopes Oil and Gas, LLC to elevate an oil company’s awareness into true decisiveness.  Having staff engineers enables the new company to conveniently exist as an exclusive touchpoint for an operator throughout a project lifecycle’s entirety.

Headquartered in Minot, ND with offices in Williston, ND and Fort Worth, TX, the personnel at SkySkopes Oil and Gas have decades of oilfield experience.  This includes its senior most leaders.

“We created SkySkopes Oil & Gas, LLC to bring our clients in the oil and gas industry the full package of data capture capabilities and engineered deliverables. We believe that the data we collect along with the useful deliverables we produce bring a new cost-efficient service to our clients.  Most importantly, our drones are a new tool that can increase safety in the oil and gas sector.”  Said CJ Vinger, President of SkySkopes Oil & Gas, LLC. 

Company Overview:

Offering more than just professional drone services, SkySkopes Oil & Gas, LLC combines numerous oil field solutions into a single company. From limiting time on a well site, to a robust safety culture, SkySkopes Oil & Gas pairs oil field experience with an extensive unmanned aircraft background.

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