Safer navigation through enhanced predictive paths powered by UAV Navigation

Safer navigation through enhanced predictive paths powered by UAV Navigation

Visionair’s Latest Upgrade ensures Improved Predictive Path

Predictive paths play a critical role in the overall performance of UAVs. After taking into account the challenges faced by industry professionals, UAV Navigation is all set to roll out upgrades to Visionair. As a cutting-edge flight control solution, Visionair has been the preferred solution, by some of the leading names in the industry. However, to address the increasing demands of the aeronautical industry, a new upgrade has been released.

This upgrade to Visionair, UAV Navigation’s flight control software includes improved capabilities that ensure operational security. This includes multiple graphic helpers that make it more convenient to execute the mission. With this upgrade, the operator will have a better understanding of how the autopilot executes the commands. This considerably improves its situational consciousness, which greatly enhances its overall operational security.

This Visionair upgrade also helps the pilot visualize a real-time estimation of the predictive path that the platform will follow. This enables the operator to plan preventative actions such as evasive manoeuvre or emergency procedures, which provides better operational security. This ground control software facilitates easy and quick navigation and prompt execution of a flight plan.\

How Visionair Upgrade ensures improved predictive paths

The current Visionair upgrade facilitates easy configuration and visualization of multiple landing flight plans. Also, it eases tasks such as planification or modification of the flight plan during the mission. This allows the pilot to arrange different emergency airfields, which results in better flight safety. 

Furthermore, in case of potential engine failure, UAV Navigation’s flight control software will show the estimated point of contact with the terrain. This way, the operator will be able to select a safe point of collision and lead the aircraft during its gliding descent, in order to reduce the risk involved in the operation.

UAV Navigation believes in constantly improving its solutions to ensure enhanced system functionality, resulting in better flight safety. UAV Navigation’s Engineering Team firmly believes that advanced operational security is the cornerstone of reliable ground control software.