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Enabling ADS-B Out in the UK General Aviation Fleet

The CAA has published a new AIC providing updated information regarding ADS-B Out for the UK GA fleet.

In August 2017 the Civil Aviation Authority confirmed that ADS-B using 1090 MHz is its preferred national system to improve electronic conspicuity for general aviation. Ideally this will be achieved through transponders, although other devices can be integrated and interoperable with the CAA’s final strategic solution. Two years on, some significant developments and ongoing trials mean that it is timely to provide an update on the options currently available for enabling ADS-B out throughout the General Aviation fleet.

The AIC addresses both ADS-B Out via Mode S Extended Squitter transponders and ADS-B Out via portable ADS-B transceivers, including the long-awaited approval of the use of a portable ADS-B transceiver in an aircraft with a transponder which does not have ADS-B Out enabled.

The AIC is available here: Y 141/2019 Enabling ADS-B Out in the UK General Aviation Fleet

From the very excellent Airspace4All

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