Coptrz Counter Drone System Meets Highest CPNI Standards

Coptrz Counter Drone System Meets Highest CPNI Standards

Coptrz Counter Drone System – M.A.D.S has received approval by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) with its specifications endorsed to meet Counter-UAS recommendations for Tier 1, 2 and 3.

After extensive testing by the CPNI, the Detect, Track and Identify Standards (DTI) have been produced to provide a baseline of requirements for counter-drone systems relating to various levels of drone protection for national critical infrastructure.

Created by COPTRZ – UK Commercial Drone Experts, M.A.D.S (Martek Anti-Drone System) provides detection, tracking and identification using two complementary detection systems, both of which have been confirmed as meeting the CPNI standards for DTI. The technology options are modular, allowing compliance right up to the highest tier of CPNI compliance. Utilising the detection of the radio frequency communications between the drone and the pilot, with the optional modular additions of cameras and radar, M.A.D.S. can identify the location of both the pilot and the drone. These detection events are logged in high detail with automated alerts and scheduled activity reports automatically generated with no requirement for active operator involvement.

Steve Coulson, Coptrz Managing Director said:

“We developed the M.A.D.S system with the highest level of protection in mind. We’re delighted that this announcement now confirms our integral technology in M.A.D.S is compliant to detect the UK’s most critical infrastructure. We work with a large range of UK businesses to use drones for the good, making operations safer, faster and cheaper and at the same time we help protect our customers and their assets from the potential of malicious use.”

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