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AVY – Wing-Drone Pilot & Flight Operator

Rock your work at one of the most innovative companies in Amsterdam (Holland) and help save lives across the globe with state-of-the-art drone & aviation technology.
You will experience first-hand what it is to work in a fast-paced tech-startup that builds astonishing aircraft that contribute to a better world.

Avy is looking for an experienced drone pilot. We hope you get as much energy from innovative aerospace & drone technology as we do, and that you share our passion to apply this exciting technology to save lives, in impact markets like healthcare, wildlife conservation and medical delivery.

Your main goal is to pilot Avy’s wing-drones. This can be for a one-day flight period at test fields near the office, but also for a multi-week flight campaign on the other side of the world. As a pilot, it is your job to set-up flight plans, brief your crew and fly our drones. Understanding the drone from a technical and flight point of view, you are able to fix whatever needs to be fixed during a mission. Safety and quality are in your DNA, and risk assessment comes natural to you. Because of this, you can push Avy’s drones to its limits without taking any unnecessary risks.

As part of the flight operations team, you will also focus on enabling more complex flights when you are not flying. You are aware of the European drone legislation, and know exactly what to file where to get the flight exemptions that are needed for a new mission.

You are invited to join, think along and help get Avy to the next level. Join the Avy team to deploy our state-of-the-art drones and contribute to a better world (oh and you can also work in our office-swing chair, rooftop terrace, behind the piano, in the sauna, at the bar or on our disco toilet).


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