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AAUS Noise Regulation Working Group Position Paper submitted

The Australian Association of Unmanned Systems (AAUS) acknowledges the potential intrusion drone/RPAS operations can have on the public and that it is an issue of important concern to the community. AAUS also acknowledges that as Australia’s peak national body for the RPAS and emerging urban air mobility sectors, it has a responsibility to proactively work with Government and community stakeholders towards addressing this concern.

AAUS has formed an advisory group to lead the development of an all-of-industry position on noise regulations applicable to the sector. Through the outcomes of the advisory group, AAUS would like to proactively represent industry needs and provide this as an input to the DITCRD. Further, the advisory group will develop and represent a unified industry response to the outcomes of the DITCRD review.

The AAUS Noise Regulation Working Group has submitted its Position paper to DITCRD.

AAUS Industry Position Paper – RPAS Noise Regulations Final 20191122

AAUS Noise Regulation Working Group

We would like to acknowledge the generous support from the following members in drafting this position paper:

  • Jake Andrew (The Institute for Drone Technology)
  • Reece Clothier (Boeing / AAUS)
  • Andrew Crowe (Mirragin)
  • Jackie Dujmovic (Hover UAV)
  • Geoff Durham (XRotor)
  • Ken King (Freespace Operations)
  • Anthony Marsh (AirAssess / Monash University)
  • Andrew McDonald
  • David Steinfeld (Patching Associates)
  • Adam Welsh (DJI)
  • Greg Tyrrell (AAUS, Chair)


In November 2018 the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government established an inquiry into commercial drone / remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) operations taking place in the Territory[1].

In July 2019, the Inquiry report was released, with one of the findings being that no Territory or Federal Authority had clear responsibility for regulating noise associated with drone/RPAS activities. Prompted by the ongoing ACT Government inquiry, the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development (DITCRD) launched a review of the existing Australian Air Navigation (Aircraft Noise) Regulations 2018 to determine their applicability to drone operations. In June of 2019, The Department made public its view that these regulations are applicable and that a range of commercial and recreational drone operations within Australia will require approvals regarding noise. The review will determine the scope and breadth of noise regulations applicable to the drone/RPAS sector.

On September 27, 2019 DIRCRD released an Issues paper as part of the review of the Air Navigation (Aircraft Noise) Regulations 2018 (the Regulations) and to seek comments through consultation[2]. The issues paper contains proposed noise regulation of drones and urban air mobility (UAM) aircraft.



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