What It Takes to Work In Motion Picture and Television With Drones

Here is your chance to hear about it from people working for the studios, streaming, and TV.

sUAS News has decided to move away from the Jack-of-all-tradeshows and start on expert sector-focused regional gatherings. Burbank, California is the location for the first iteration of this concept and is in association with the International Cinematographers Guild Local 600, and the Society Of Aerial Cinematographers. Both organizations are made up of working professionals in the entertainment industry.

Just added –

If it couldn’t get any better, the SF Drone School Research Center is also onboard for the roadshow version of the Boulevard of Broken Drone Dreams historical display.

See drone hardware offerings from past drone hardware titans, Airware, GoPro, and 3DRobotics.

Industry professionals impart their knowledge –

Dronegear‘s Matt Feige & Anthony Valerio who’s operator credits include Honda, Lexus, BMW, Ford, Hulu, AppleTV, CBS, Universal, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and many more. These guys are FAA Certified (Part 107 Commercial Licenses), Insured ($5 Million), and approved for Union (Local 600) work, and have multiple local teams operating full-time in most major cities around the world.

Michael Chambliss, a Business representative for Local 600, informed me that the Local 600 has “hundreds of members making their living with drones.”

That is music to my ears as I teach my Academy of Art Motion Picture and TV students with that in mind. We use the Safety Bulletin 36, and other content as part of the drone class curriculum to train students on what it takes to be in-line with what is state of the art for working professionals.

SOAC President, Robert Rodriquez, says “The SOAC is proud to be teaming up with sUAS news and Patrick Egan to bring back a much-needed industry event in the heart of one of the busiest production cities in the world.  We hope this will be the first of many events together.” The SOAC mission is to bring together professionals for an exchange of ideas, experience, and expertise. That is what this one-day event is going to do.”

As a member of the Society of Aerial Cinematography and I am looking forward to hearing new trends on the artistic side and engaging in a Q&A with people, who are working under the Part 107 rules. What works, what needs adjustment, and what doesn’t make sense. I hope to use this feedback and feedback from other user groups in upcoming American Drone advocacy and Policy Teamwork.

We would like to thank our sponsors –

RAS Watch
Rein droneinsurance.com
And Filmtools for hosting the location

When: December 7th, 2019 at 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Where: Filmtools, 1400 West Burbank Blvd. Burbank, CA 91506

How much: $25

www.susbexpo.com for more information about the program

Tickets – http://susbexpo.com/sign-up/

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